Innovative and Passionate Landscaping

Ondela Landscaping is a passionate garden design and landscaping company.

We will assist you in creating your vision to maximise your property's potential, ensuring that it is not only beautiful, but also practical, and completely suited to your lifestyle needs.

By following the lines of the building, and perceiving the depth of the garden, we create a concept idea that will fit the property of your yard perfectly!

Landscaping as a form of Art...

Landscape design at its best enhances the natural beauty of your home or business premises and can add significant value to your property, making it look inviting, harmonious and attractive throughout the year.

Ondela Landscaping is committed to the improvement and maintenance of our environment and follows the best practices in the green industry.
We share, contribute and work with all industry peers and professionals, including landscape architects, project managers, interior designers, facility managers, architects, quantity surveyors and property developers.


the art and craft of setting a new structure with a goal of creating a beauty within the landscape.


supplying the correct amounts of water to plants, using a fully automated wi-fi enabled controller that is accessed from your phone and tablet


In landscape architecture and garden design, a water feature is used to create a tranquil and relaxing aura in a garden.


we offer an additional maintenance service to maintain the look of the garden monthly.

Healthy plants make a healthy Home

The benefits of having plants around us are many – the environmental and financial benefits of keeping them alive are just as important. Water-wise gardening and watering are important elements in garden design and a well-designed irrigation system produces healthier plants, results in less maintenance, reduces water consumption and lowers water bills. Watering with a hose wastes time and water. It can also result in weak and vulnerable plants if insufficient water is applied each time, causing plants to make mainly surface roots, which are then in danger of drying out or being damaged by digging. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system will cater for your specific requirements and those of your plants.

Ondela Landscaping